Chief Marketing Officer


Flash Point Esports is an electronic sports organization based in the United States. We has become home to some of the most competitive players and teams across Esports. We pride ourselves on being known for our family culture, talented players, loyal fan base and innovative business practices. It’s our mission to work hard to become better every day and enjoy every step of the process along the way.

Job Summary

As Chief Marketing Officer you will be responsible for building relationships with outside brands to promote both parties. You will also be responsible for managing organization promotions through social media. You will be in close contact with all of our staff to plan strategic methods moving forward.

Essential Job Functions

  • Human Resources Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Work with Developers and Creatives to keep company assets up to date.
  • Optimize fulfillment and delivery of business practices

  • Qualifications

  • Evidence of innovation; seeking income generating opportunities; marketing products and services, and achieving profitable outcomes
  • Experience of working with multiple partners to develop new approaches and accelerating improvement
  • A track record of marketing leadership supporting organization success
  • Significant experience of working at an Executive level
  • *Experience of working in the electronic sports industry is desirable but not essential.

  • To apply, please send resume and personal introduction to

    Speculative Application

    Job Summary

    If you believe you might have some skills outside of our current listed positions, feel free to send us a speculative application. Please be aware that if we do not have a position that we can offer, unfortunately we will not reply to your email.

    To apply, please send resume and personal introduction to